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Calendars and Time

Is a Chinese Lunar Calendar…can go back and forth…the weather follows it for centuries…
[5:35:15 PM] Bas says: is what farmers use and is what your grandma uses…she seldom knows the commercial calendar day…

[5:35:56 PM] Bas says: The commercial calendar was modified by the roman catholic church to get everyone confused and not be able to predict patterns which the lunar calendar can…artificial months like Julius (July) and Augusto (August) were also introduced earlier by the ego of its emperors.[5:36:53 PM] Bas says: The jesuits were tasked with calculating all of the solar and lunar positions ahead of time…this cosmic calculation was kept secrets to few including the special non-religious group like the Masons.


The best exercise combines stretching and counter action of muscles and ligaments.  Weight lifting improperly for the purpose of building muscles results in muscle inflammation and injury to the muscles.


The most misunderstood of all must be well understood.  Called “The sources of all evil” but without it modern life is most uncomfortable.  Often confused with a currency.  Currency is not money but money is always a currency.