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Taichi (or Taiji which is today’s Chinese romanization) is simple yet people make it complicated.  Furthermore, unscrupulous people who want to profit from it intentionally make it complex and mysterious.

If one develop its natural abilities, you will achieve it benefits.

Taiji is all about the natural law.  The law of the universe.

Taiji ancient scriptures says that Taiji and its practitioner practices to achieve a Balance state of Wuji (extreme nothingness).  Nothingness is a state not to be confused with having nothing.  Being the ultimate and supreme state of mind, nothingness makes you see, understand and achieve everything.

Further, the Taiji ancients explains the path to achieve Wuji.  It say, Taiji is derived (the son of) Wuji, and from which Yin and Yang derives (thus is the mother of yin/yang).

Here is an excerpt translated:

When moving, it divides. At rest, it reunites. There should be neither excess nor deficiency. Following the opponent, compress or extend. When the opponent is hard, I become soft, which is called yielding. Then, when the situation turns around in the favor of me, I follow the opponent, which is called adhering. To the opponent’s fast move I follow fast. To his slow movement I follow slowly. Although the changes are various and infinite, the principles remain the same. The first step is to get familiar with the moves and applications, then gradually master the art of knowing and applying energy, finally, to approach the intuitive understanding of this art. However, without long diligent practice, one will not be able to have such a sudden and thorough enlightenment.“.