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Any business goes through development phases.  Understanding what is going in each phase and how to grow out of it becomes crucial to moving to the next step of the business life.

Here is a picture that portraits the business as it matures.


Incubation – Survival To Stay Alive

From the onset of a business idea (Idea Phase) to the point of break evern (Roll Out Phase).  The business does whatever it takes to stay alive and paying it bills.

Growth – Sales Focus and Sales Driven

What started as an idea, is proving that it can be commercialized.  Revenues are growing and profits (or loses) are improving.  Now it becomes the issue of increasing sales to the point that profits accumulate beyond expenses, finally turning more and more profits.

Expansion – Financing the Organizational for Maturity

Sales are now increasing steadily and there is need to expand the sales network and create a corporate organization infrastructure to support a major expansion.  To do all this, without losing attention to what created the growth (Sales and Profits), focus on Financing the organization becomes most important.