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All endeavors in life are a journey that starts with basic knowledge and leads to self-discovery that for a few who discovers the secrets ends in mastery.

The great master Professor Hu Yuen Chou always said, “is secret only because you don’t know it, once you know it, is no longer a secret”.

That means as you learn and understand more, the secret reveals to one.

However, this learning journey begins easily yet few are disciplined enough to get to the top.  To be good at anything persistence is essential.

For those seeking for that mastery and looking for the secret, be it known that each endeavor be it science, or chemistry or business as well as Taiji and Wushu has the need to understanding of the essence.

For business is understanding of profits, in wushu and Taiji is the understanding of Force or Jing (also called Fa Li).  Even though is one word, that learning and understanding it requires years of disciplined and persistent training.

This is what the development of mastery is.  It is the disciplined journey to reach full understanding of the truth of the endeavor.  What is Chinese is called becoming a Sifu, a master.