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By Basilio Chen

Dr. John B. Tsu (1924-2005) was a most dedicated Asian American leader who served in the capacity of education and Asian advisor to several USA Presidents including Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Regan and George H. Bush and George W. Bush. He last appointment was as Chairman of President George W. Bush’s Advisory Committee on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.  He was also first Chairman of International Leadership Foundation which assist and promote international interactions, particularly, among the youth. and served on the Presidential Commission on Education and numerous other governmental and presidential commissions.  He was also Governor’s appointee of several California Governors including Governor George Deukmejian( and  Governor Pete Wilson (  Dr. John Tsu assisted in numerous tri-national negotiations between the USA, China and Japan in part due to his multicultural high level background that included high level education in China, Japan and the US.

Dr. Tsu was educated in Japan and graduated from the School of Law of Tokyo University. He went to the United States in 1950’s to pursue his advanced degree where received his Masters Degree from Georgetown University and earned a PhD at Fordham in Political Science and International Relations.

In education, Dr. John B. Tsu taught at Seton Hall University, San Francisco State University and Stanford University (The Hoover Institute). During his tenure at these educational institutes, he implemented many unique and valuable programs including “Bilingual programs and numerous other programs which enabled many to advance for their professional and academic careers especially in civil and political service.  Among all of them, he was the first scholar to implement Japanese and Chinese language courses at public high schools in the United States.  He was also Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the International Technological University (

In 1985, Dr. Tsu became the founding director of the John F. Kennedy University – Asian Pacific Institute.  The Institute was chartered by the Board of Regents of John F. Kennedy University to promote educational and commercial relations between the United States and Asian countries and to develop an increased awareness and understanding among Americans and Asians of their respective cultures and values. in 2006, the Institute was renamed to Dr. John B. Tsu Asian Pacific Institute in honor of its founding director, who tirelessly promoted its mission during his lifetime.

He was also President of non-partisan Asian American Political Educational Foundation and member of many Asian American organizations for the promotion of mainstream public affairs including the Asian American Republican Coalition of California (AARCC –

He was also Chairman and one of the founders of the U.S. Foundation for International Economic Policy, which was incorporated under the leadership of the U.S. Congress with counterpart with Japanese well as the leaders in business and educational field of the both countries (

The author acting as Chairman of the Pacific Rim Economic Advisory Council, an advisory and standing committee of the California Republican Party, had the opportunity to work with Dr. John B. Tsu in the later part of Dr. Tsu’s, political and public affairs efforts.  With the additional and outstanding and  memorable leadership of Bok F. Pon, former Chairman/N of the California Republican Party, the support of Michael Schroder, Chairman of the California Republican Party and many other public leaders, a united front was formed for the first time in 1996 that culminated with the appointment of many Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders to high level positions including the appointment of US Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao in 2001 as first Chinese American woman culminating in the first ever appointment by President George W. Bush of over 260 Asian American appointees, the largest number ever to that date.

Here follows World Journal publication in celebration of US Department of Labor, Elaine Chao appointment and visit to the Bay Area.  Event hosted by the Asian Business Association and other corporate and public leaders.


Prior to the unite coalition of Asian American’s in California, several crucial events were held culminating in the Asian American United event celebration held at the Crowne Plaza, Milbrae with keynote speaker Congressman Tom Campbell and Political Science Professor Vinod Aggarwal of UC Berkeley and director of the Berkeley APEC Study Center (BASC) at University of California at Berkeley.


During 1996 to 2000, a major effort was launch that consisted of radio, news and public and private events to foster awareness for political participation at all mainstream levels.  Here is one of many news reports.


In his passing, the U.S. House of Representative passed a Bill sponsored by Representatives Edward Joyce and Michael Honda, honoring the life and contributions of Dr. John Tsu for his dedication and service to the United States of America through many high-level boards and commissions and for his service on behalf of Asian Pacific Americans.


In 2006, the Dr. John B. Tsu Foundation was founded in his memory and to continue his legacy.  Here follows a photograph with Madam Susan Tsu, wife of Dr. John B. Tsu, Stanley Wang and Basilio Chen, founding member of the Foundation.





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