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  1. There are no rules. You make the rules.
  2. Focus on funding FIRST and how to get funded.  Get enough capital and extra more. Build your capital access engine. (Business makes mistake and mistakes cost money.  If you run out of capital you are finished).
  3. Look for BIG opportunities.  It takes the same as little ones. (Find big opportunities by looking at big problems. The bigger the problem the bigger the opportunity).  Big opportunities are easier to finance than small ones.
  4. Be positively enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious.  Negativity negates, never sells.
  5. Develop a passion for your business, without passion you cannot overcome obstacles.  Find people with passion.
  6. Learn to delegate.  (Do not do the thinking for your leaders).
  7. Apply the Peak to Peak principle.
  8. Be goal driven but solidify each process completed.
  9. Develop a biz model that focuses on profit and cashflow and that can be funded.
  10. Provide good incentives.  Pay exceptionally. Reward performance.
  11. Allow errors but not failures.
  12. Erase the words impossible from your vocabulary.  Create a can do culture.  Eradicate the "Can’t be done", "never been done" attitude.
  13. Be fearless and ruthless.  Biz is a battle ground, don’t pussy around it.  Be bold to set goals and make decisions.  Goals not met need serious ruthless and drastic changes.
  14. Money follows Power.  Do not entrust totally to democracy.  If you cannot be a leader don’t be in biz.
  15. Remember, the New Innovation always sells.  The old is a nostalgia, keep it there.
  16. Hire PROVEN performers that have a broad range of experience doing many things.  But doing them well.  And incentivize them well.

There are also other key principles you need to know:

In biz, you can only get wealthy with EQUITY and on a STRING of transactions.

As a leader in selecting team members and alliances remember, ALL alliances are a matter of convenience, and the END justifies the means (within the local legal system).

The CEO has 2 jobs: Find OPM and finding deals.

Internal growth is arithmetic while external acquisition growth is geometric.  (Grow revenue, market share and management bandwidth).