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The Power Walk:

It is said that centenarian Li Qingyun (李清雲, 1377-1933 AD), said of his secret to a long life to eat large quantities of Wolfberry (Goji Berry, 枸杞) daily and to do the Power Walk.

The Power Walk is also referred to as Inch Step.

  1. Stand with back foot at 45 degrees.
  2. 90% of weigh is in the back foot.
  3. Front foot is straight and so that the ankle and the middle of the Big Toe and the next 2nd toe is in direct alignment with the ankle of the back foot.
  4. The distance between the back ankle and the front ankle is equal to one-and-a-half the size of your foot.
  5. If the front foot is right foot, then the front hand is also right hand.
  6. The right hand (front hand) is positioned in the center line and 1/2 the height between waist and shoulder.
  7. The back hand is also in the center line and behind the front hand at a middle distance between body and hand of the front hand.
  8. Check feet and hands are in alignment and eyes are all in alignment to the centerline.

The procedure for the power walk is:

  1. Stand in the Power Walk position for a few minutes.
  2. With the back foot take an accelerated step forward by pushing forward with your back foot.
  3. All the weight should be in the back foot.  To check that make sure you can lift the front foot.
  4. The step should be short but you can start with a 1 foot move and gradually over time reduce it.  This is called Inch Step to imply that the best power walk does not move more than 1 inch but at maximum power.
  5. The stepping motion should be accelerated and with objective is to practice an explosive step forward move.

This will take time (give it 1-2 years) to master.

Ligament Stretching and Twisting:

The historical Sinew Changing Classic (易筋经 – Yijin Jing) implies attention to the ligaments.  Stretching, twisting and slight beating of the ligaments maints it in healthy and strong condition.  This is fundamental to everything else.

  1. Stretch, maintain the position and exhale.
  2. Twist all body parts simultaneously with the twisting of your arm as if you trying to twist open a glass jar.
  3. Using bamboo sticks pound your ligaments from head to toe.
  4. Practice falling into the wall.  From a standing position back to wall separated about 1 feet, fall back into the wall and let back strike the wall.

Standing Medication:

Start with 20 minutes and continue daily practice until you can break thru a 3 hour stand.  Miracles occurs after that breakthrough.

 Rules and Procedures:

Everyone starting a new practice is accustomed to ask for the basis steps of instruction.  For the one seeking higher levels here are some Principles to remember:

  1. Rules and techniques are for the lesser however before you reach the supreme level rules are necessary.  They serve to provide guidance but are not the end by themselves.  Thus after the rules and techniques are learned the supreme practitioner of Taiji does not need them anymore.
  2. For the beginner rule provides elementary steps to enter the door of Taiji.  The techniques gives more lesson to understand Taiji.  Neither will be needed afterwards to reach the supreme level.  That’s why a supreme practitioner needs no rules and uses a formless technique.
  3. When using rules, the spirit of the rule is what counts.