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Institutionalized education have a purpose and they often achieve their purpose.  Unfortunately, that purpose may not be your purpose.  I was educated in the La Salle institutional system, very catholic, but it did provide me basic learning skills (learn to learn) and good foundation in key subjects which everyone should have: Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Lately, I find that history is even better and most important but only when studied with the proper philosophical perspective since history is able to teach and guide.  This avoids the problematic parts of education especially when the institution have motives other than genuine human cultivation (which most educational institutions do NOT have).  In addition, and fundamentally, I think financial education needs to be taught but is not since finance and money controls everything in the world – like it or not.

Here is a random list (which one day I hope to sort out) for educational topics.  What do we really need to know in order to know.


Background: Saturday and Sunday was invented as far back as Greek times.  Saturday for Saturn and Sunday for the Sun-day.  The ancient (and today the Chinese still), believed that the heavens (skies) ruled the universe.  Today government and dictators want to rule people so the usage of the natural law has disappear or was distorted.  Thus large part of humanity is living unnaturally.
Bas says: “we have a soul trapped in a body trapped in humanity not able to live our destined lives”


Financial education: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” (read the “You Must Know:).