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People are complicated animals.  Peopletech is usable people psychology making us understand the most basic of people.

Animals live in the present state not in the future or the past. People as human can think in terms of future and past.

  • Humans as animal
  • as species
  • as breed/race
  • as personalities
  • How people get fulfill

Animal see people and other animals in energy. Animals respond to leadership among their own.

Calm-Assertive energy is the only energy that matters animals respond well to and follow.

Wait as working.  Waiting is a psychological work and a good trait to cultivate on people.

Work, Food and

Work, Discipline and Affection

Becker shows that people will make decisions and take action on their ancestoral breed based on the conditions it was grown

Creating rules, boundaries and limitations

Any time people come into the new group, there must be reshaped to the new rules, boundaries and limitations.

It must be recognized that people into a new group normally have old rules, boundaries and limitations.

Citizens of countries adopt the rules, boundaries and limitations of the country.