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The single most important quality for business is leadership.

Study and understand the psychology of people.  People are fundamentally animals.

People like animals are creatures of habits.

When a new employee comes into a new company.  If the company has a strong culture, the new employee adapts his behavior to the new stronger culture.  If the employee has a strong character, he/she may begin to change the ability to change the company culture.  If the culture of a company changes, the company – for good or for bad – will change.

Watch the following videos and see if you can discover the key to leadership. This is not the highest level of dog training theory but it shows several key aspect of animal training.  Can you see what is common in all these.  Try figuring out the secret key.

and this one

What do you see as the common characteristics of all these dog trainer.

This next one is the same key part but the context is different.

Do you notice every trainer has gained superiority in behavior and respect by the dog.  A trainer that is not stronger leader to the dog will not be able to train the dog as the dog will not follow him/her.

Inside every human there is an animal.  Reward for good behavior. Penalize for bad behavior.  If the human refuses to change and adapt, you have the option of removing him/her from the company and at the same time teach others the lesson.

“It’s not about the other person. It’s always about us – the leader. It’s up to the leader to create an environment and circumstances in which the other persons can thrive and be itself.”

“”To be truly happy, people need a good job, good food, and a pat on the back – that order.” People in general have to spend energy for which they are best at.  That energy spent must be a combination of physical work and also mental work.  In America now there are tendencies to over-do on the affection and under-do on the work part.  That pat on the back is expected and comes for no work performed.  Is not normal and not sustainable behavior.

  • “Stay calm and assertive.”
  • “Never work against Mother Nature.”
  • “You can say as much as you want, but the people pick up what is inside of you.”
  • “Peace, relaxation, trust, respect; that is should be the leader’s goal.”
  • “Humans are the only animals who will follow unstable leaders.”