Written By Basilio Chen

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This post starts a series of Taiji reports which I hope will become the basis of the Taiji chronicles to be published in the Taiji Page.

Taiji as known by most people who are outsiders to the true knowledge of Taiji, Taiji is a slow moving exercise.  Most people these days, if you asked they will say the have seen people “DOING” taiji in the park.  Mostly by older people.

Taiji is the way to understand about the universe and how you fit naturally into it.  The purpose is to be able to survive and strive in the real world.

Taiji is deep but is extremely practical.  When mastered, you can achieve physical and mental task effortless.

That is why the Tao Te Ching (Dao Deh Ching) says with inaction you can achieve better results.