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The present solar cycle as measured by the number of sunspots is number 24.  This solar cycle is the weakest of all sunspot cycles seen in 200 years (1815).  The peak values (number of sun spots) is lowest count in 200 years.  The first peak was reached 99 in 2011 and the second in early 2014 at 101. 

Prior to Cycle #24, the prior cycle (#23) lasted 11.6 years, beginning in May 1996 and ending in January 2008. The maximum smoothed sunspot number (monthly number of sunspots averaged over a twelve-month period) observed during the solar cycle was 120.8 (March 2000), and the minimum was 1.7. A total of 805 days had no sunspots during this cycle.


Here is a group of photos showing the sun’s energy within a cycle.  This cycle is from August 30, 1991 to September 6, 2001 (1991-2001).


The sunspot cycle (#24) is the smallest seen in 200 years (1815) and in recorded history becomes the 2nd smallest with only the 1805 year cycle.



How does the sun have an effect on commodity.



The longest record for 400 years shows that the lowest recorded low period of sunspots occurred in the 1640-1720 time frame.


It is worth noting the list of historical Grand minima of solar activity.  These are around 690 AD, 360 BC, 770 BC, 1390 BC, 2860 BC, 3340 BC, 3500 BC, 3630 BC, 3940 BC, 4230 BC, 4330 BC, 5260 BC, 5460 BC, 5620 BC, 5710 BC, 5990 BC, 6220 BC, 6400 BC, 7040 BC, 7310 BC, 7520 BC, 8220 BC and 9170 BC. Since observations began, cycles have ranged from 9–14 years. Significant amplitude variations also occur during minima and maxima.


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Copper 2000-2015 nov_thumb[1]