Written By Basilio Chen

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As expected, China will allow families to have 2 children instead of one.

Birthrates have been declining and the population demographics is already reducing the labor force as more adults are reaching retirement age.  This graphs shows the dramatic effect of drop in birth dates starting in the 60’s.



Population Distribution in 1953.


Population Distribution in 1990.


Population Distribution in 2000.


Population Distribution in 2010, show a dramatic drop in future productive population (there is a large gap at this moment which will not be filled for 20 years).

Comparing with USA

In comparison with a USA graph for 2014.  As retirement reaches, there a new population peak that is beginning to enter the productivity age (25+).

China Drops the One-Child Policy After 3 Decades, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating