Written By Basilio Chen

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Currency Dilution is not stopping. Measuring since January 1, 2000, US dollars has lost 26% in purchasing power. The Canadian dollar has lost 23% in the same period. This is a serious devaluation of money which means every US and Canadian citizen is affected and sadly most of them don’t know it until it is too late.
Meanwhile, and a result, gold has gained 325% in purchasing power after accounting for inflation as measured by the CPI (and because the CPI is understated, the actual gain in gold is much higher)
The monetary erosion in the USA and western economy is only getting bigger through money printing (with fancy names: Quantitative Easing). The monetary base now in 2012 exceeds $2.6 trillion, up 215% since January 2008; the national debt is over $15.7 trillion (without counting for to-be-funded pension and social funds needs) will conservatively reach $20 trillion in just three years; the US budget deficit alone is $1.3-trillion, which is more than the entire US budget was just 20 years ago;