Written By Basilio Chen

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A record of my writings of Wudan Swords to a dear Student.
Our sword form is quite the authentic one of the original Yang Sword form ( I have a book from Yang family showing the pictures and steps and it conforms) except that my teacher introduced in the sword techniques subtle cutting patterns (Winds he called them), slicing, chopping, poking, plugging. etc… These are ultra rare forms perhaps not know to the Yang family. I do not know and never met anyone doing it the way my master did it although I am certain someone here in China may also have that knowledge. For one part is regarded a secret. A famous student of my master (DFW) wanted to pay my master $50,000 for it and my master declined.

The reason for this is because from the many masters my teacher learned from he learned Wudan swordmanship from General Li Keng Lum (cantonese spelling by sound). He in turn learned Wudan sword from a master who was a hermit who supposedly lived in the forest and was over 120 years of age (and was a fruitarian – eating only wild fruits) and in turn learn his form from the founders in the mountains of Wudan.

I had seen my teacher perform under very closed door (never in public) and only to his closest student (6 including me) in just a couple of ocassions. He taught the few of us the theory of the Wudan sword but he would never teach anyone else. Those move he made at 92+ age were simply incredible and still vivid in my memory. I have never seen such elegance and skill. Certainly Wudan is both an art as well as a most deadly weapon when used in combat.

That why Joseph, dont expect to find total similarities with any sword pattern as my teacher introduced very unique moves and angles including the holding of the sword at the handle. Most people would hold the sword with the focus and grip in the forefingers (thumb and index) but the correct holding as you recall is in the in the thumb and the 3rd and 4th finger.

In addition, you cannot do sword correctly without all your ligaments elongated.