Written By Basilio Chen

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Fundamentals eventually drives the market and dictates value.

However, prices fluctuates over and under as well as lagging behind.  A key element that creates these fluctuations is the “surprise element”.

Market participants are constantly processing information and a mental trend develops into paradigms.  Paradigms develops around leaders.  Major trends develops into major paradigms as more leaders gather more masses.

  1. The Leader
  2. The Information Provider
  3. The Activators
  4. The Managers
  5. The People

Leaders are rare.  Leaders need Activators to reach their goals.  Activators operate thru Managers who can translate the Activator’s instructions into language understood by the general People.  Leaders also need an Information Provider network.  The Information Provider has the knowledge but not the ability to execute its knowledge and depends on a Leader to do such.