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Inflation, Drought – All Within The Prediction

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Here is an article that captures the events and situation of today specifically in China.

“Supply shocks are once again charged with pushing up China’s food prices, but it is a surplus of money, not a deficit of pigs, that is the real culprit.

As of Monday, the Ministry of Agriculture’s index of wholesale food prices was up 2.2% from its April level, a turnaround after two months of falling prices. Pork prices, in particular, are on the rise. With food accounting for almost a third of China’s consumer price index, an increase in prices suggests the markets should prepare for another increase in inflation when the data for May are released on June 14.

The usual suspects, bad weather and outbreaks of disease, are once again accused of causing the increase in prices. This time, a drought in the Yangtze River is in the dock, with a disease in the pig population charged with aiding and abetting.

It is easy enough to blame the weather for China’s climbing food prices. But the reality is that China’s own monetary policy makers are behind the steady rise in the CPI.

An increase in the money supply in 2009, with growth close to 30% at the end of the year, may have been a necessary part of the economic stimulus. But keeping relaxed monetary conditions in place so far into 2010 was overkill, and there is now a price to be paid in inflation.

There is a reason why it is showing up first in food prices. The agricultural sector is supply constrained. If an increase in the money supply results in an increase in demand for clothes or televisions, China’s manufacturing sector has the capacity to meet it. If there is more demand for food, supply is less responsive and prices rise.

Higher wages also are playing a part. Agriculture in China is labor intensive. As China’s demographic shift reduces the supply of workers, rising wages will continue to add to the cost of food production. Rising wealth also means demand for a higher-quality diet, with more meat. Chinese demand is contributing to higher global prices for corn and soybeans, key inputs for the production of pork.

In a country as large as China, there is always a drought, disease or flood somewhere that can be blamed for rising prices. But the real villains of China’s inflation are structural and won’t go away with a change in the weather.”

Unusual Outbreak of Bacteria and Pestilence – The Trend Continues

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Signs are showing of unusual outbreak in bacteria and pestilence.  Here is one case.  This further confirms our trend.

Forklifts drive between pallets containing vegetables and fruits of wholesalers during the business hours at the central market in Berlin, early Wednesday, June 1, 2011. Scientists have still not been able to pinpoint the source of an unprecedented foodborne bacterial outbreak that has killed 16 people in Europe and left more than 1,000 sick, including 400 suffering from severe and potentially fatal symptoms, Germany’s agriculture minister said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

Maria Cheng and Kirsten Grieshaber, Associated Press, On Thursday June 2, 2011, 7:04 pm EDT

LONDON (AP) — Scientists on Thursday blamed Europe’s worst recorded food-poisoning outbreak on a “super-toxic” strain of E. coli bacteria that may be brand new.

But while suspicion has fallen on raw tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce as the source of the germ, researchers have been unable to pinpoint the food responsible for the frightening illness, which has killed at least 18 people, sickened more than 1,600 and spread to least 10 European countries.

An alarmingly large number of victims — about 500 — have developed kidney complications that can be deadly.

Chinese and German scientists analyzed the DNA of the E. coli bacteria and determined that the outbreak was caused by “an entirely new, super-toxic” strain that contains several antibiotic-resistant genes, according to a statement from the Shenzhen, China-based laboratory BGI. It said the strain appeared to be a combination of two types of E. coli.

Sunspot Cycle 24 Update

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The expected solar activity until 2013 would be the lowest as it reaches it peak in over 100 years.

This is a Solar Cycle Prediction report from NASA (Updated 2011/05/09)

ssn_predict.gif (2208 bytes)
Click on image for larger version.

The current prediction for Sunspot Cycle 24 gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 69 in June of 2013. We are currently over two and a half years into Cycle 24. Two consecutive months with average daily sunspot numbers in the 50s has raised the predicted maximum above the 64.2 for the Cycle 14 maximum in 1907. The predicted size would make this the smallest sunspot cycle in over 100 years.

Predicting the behavior of a sunspot cycle is fairly reliable once the cycle is well underway (about 3 years after the minimum in sunspot number occurs. Prior to that time the predictions are less reliable but nonetheless equally as important.

We believe solar activity is necessary for growth and progress on earth.  This includes energy for human, animal and plants to grow and prosper.  A lower solar activity in 100 years perhaps means lower earthy activity manifested in all areas.  Would that mean people will be less active, more resting.  But how would pestilence and animals behave under a less energetic environment.  We know bacteria grows faster with heat and slows with cold (lack of heat).  Will we also expect more colder weather.  But the inside core of the earth is still very hot.  These are the questions that come to surface.

Do notice that the last Sunspot peak occurred around 2000.  How does a stock market chart shows 2000.  What other charts shows 2000 as peak or valleys.  It also shows the last uptrend in Solar activity from 1996 to 2000.

In general, it is known that volcanic eruptions tend to have a cooling effect by letting heat that is otherwise trapped escape to the surface and evaporate.  Would it be that just like fog gets created by simultaneous cold and hot fronts and so does tornadoes and wind.  With a less hotter earth from lower solar heat create more temperature differential between the hot earth core and the earth surface.

What is above is below.  What is inside is outside.  Our body inside is hotter than our outside.

In more dramatic colors below.

According to a report, in terms of overall hurricane activity (number and intensity of storms), the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active season ever recorded.  For 2011, the forecast is for above average hurricane activity.  (The USA News reported that USA will have an “above normal” hurricane season this year, with anywhere from 12-18 named storms to form in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, federal forecasters predicted Thursday).  The season officially runs June 1 through Nov. 30. However, most hurricanes tend to form from August through October, according to National Hurricane Center records.  Let’s take count of what happens this year.

Here is an interesting article on Sunspot Cycles…

Planet Jupiter Goes Retrograde

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Jupiter turned retrograde July 23  until November 18 2010.

It is now beginning to move backwards a little faster away from its stationing point at 3:24 Aries. It will square Pluto, oppose Saturn and conjunct Uranus all over again in the next few weeks, and then repeat all these again in the first part of 2011, once it moves forward in November.

So the same themes that are happening the last couple of weeks will unfold further over two more periods. It’s a very complex planetary picture and is highly stimulating for creativity. It is also potentially economically destabilizing as risk-taking and risk-aversion are more extreme than usual during this phase. So much outer planet action can also be hard on our individual energy fields as we work to accommodate transpersonal shifts. So eat well, get as much rest as you need, and stay present with what is already clearly a time period of rapid change and often unforeseen developments.

As you know, Jupiter is the largest planetary body in our nearby skies aside from the Sun.  It’s movement and interaction with other planets and particularly the Sun, has an effect in our mind and thus our life.

Jupiter in Chinese Astronomy and 5-element theory is the Wood star (木星) and Wood element (木).

The cycle time of Jupiter to go around the Sun once is about 12 years.  Chinese Astrology and the 60 year cycle calendar follows this 12 year Jupiter cycle.

Solar Cycles 21-23

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Cycle 21 started in June 1976 with a smoothed sunspot number of 12.2

Cycle 22 started in September 1986 at 12.3.

Cycle 23 started in May 1996 with the monthly SSN at 8.0 and peaked in April 2000 at 120.8. The last smoothed monthly sunspot number is for March 2007 at 10.8.

Solar Cycle 24 is the active solar spot cycle and is estimated to peak in 2012.

Sunspot Cycle Number Year of Minimum Minimum Sunspot Number Year of Maximum Maximum Sunspot Number Rise to Max (yrs) Fall to Min (yrs) Cycle Length (yrs)
14 1901.7 2.6 1907.0 64.2 5.3 6.6 11.9
15 1913.6 1.5 1917.6 105.4 4.0 6.0 10.0
16 1923.6 5.6 1928.4 78.1 4.8 5.4 10.2
17 1933.8 3.4 1937.4 119.2 3.6 6.8 10.4
18 1944.2 7.7 1947.5 151.8 3.3 6.8 10.1
19 1954.3 3.4 1957.9 201.3 3.6 7.0 10.6
20 1964.9 9.6 1968.9 110.6 4.0 7.6 11.6
21 1976.5 12.2 1979.9 164.5 3.4 6.9 10.3
22 1986.8 12.3 1989.6 158.5 2.8 6.8 9.7
23 1996.4 8.2 2000.3 220.8 Ý Ý Ý

Cycle intensity varies over a Century.


What The Tao Teh Ching Teaches

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I received some questions about Chapter 1 of the Tao Teh Ching.  I will elaborate as best as possible below:

Question #1: The problem (from my point of view) is that this subject (Taoism) is not easy to understand, making it difficult to even formulate a question.

Yes, the title of the book and the flowering content is sometimes considered misleading.  It is only easy to understand after you have acquired wisdom and can interpret its cryptic code.  The surface also appears to sound nice and mysterious but you have to study and interpret it.  Many ancient books are like to to hide secrets away from people who do not deserve the knowledge.  The flowery content makes everyone coming over and over to read it because it sounds pleasant and mysterious.  Yet is not easy to understand for the common person because it is not meant to be easy on the first try in order to discourage most people.  (it was not meant for everyone only for the selected few).

What Chapter 1 does tell you is how to prepare to develop that ability to foretell and find the “secrets” inside that text but not only the Tao Teh Ching text but the “secrets” around your universe.  Once you develop that ability, is as if a new world reveals itself.  I know for myself since I can now see more beyond and more into the future than before and see more the real truth beyond most people.  (But there are people that are better as well and any person understanding certain principles can also obtain it.  That is what Chapter 1 prepares you for.

The last extension of the question is a side note.  “Is that this subject (Taoism) my good disciple says…  The word Taoism needs to be carefully discussed here since some relate it to a religion.  The Tao Teh Ching (to my belief) does not promotes any religion and I would not even consider it remotely related to the religion some call Taoism (although some unwise people would bend facts to say it does for their benefits).  We are not discussing religion here.  We are referring to a tool left by very wise people for posterity for people of worthy cause to find secrets and develop into complete human beings and the the maximum of their destined abilities.

Question #2: Looking at it in the context of Tai Chi, one question I have (my good disciple asks) is regarding the statement, “If always desirous, one sees merest traces.” How does this relate to the “desire” to learn Tai Chi? Doesn’t one need the “desire” in order to learn? If we are desirous, will we end up learning mere traces of  Tai Chi and not the real Tai Chi? How does one know if what you have learned is just “traces” or if it’s real? Or have I completely misinterpreted this passage?

First, I see the Tao Teh Ching as a tool to complement the study of Tai Chi.  When I say Tai Chi I refer to the teachings embodied in the Tai Chi form of exercise.  The Tao Teh Ching becomes the intellectual tool to complement the written classics of Tai Chi the exercise.  (part of which I quoted in my prior posting called “ What is Taiji (Tai Chi), Really?“.

Next I will break down Question #2 into separate parts and provide answers as best I can.  The question refers to the statement “If always desirous, one sees merest traces”:

How does this relate to the “desire” to learn Tai Chi? Without desire you cannot accomplish anything difficult.  Tai Chi is difficult.  You do need that desire to achieve.

Doesn’t one need the “desire” in order to learn?exactly correct as said above.  You need desire to pursue a worthwhile and difficult task.  (I hereby emphasize the words “WORTHWHILE” and “DIFFICULT”.  You can consume your energy for non-worthwhile tasks that are also difficult and lose time and focus which could be used in the pursue of something more long term of value). However after achieving your goal, you can no longer pursue it with desire.  Is like an artist after completing its creation, it destroys it in order to not be attached to it.  (Only when you do this, you will seek for a higher goal.  If now you will forever be attached to that level and stay there enjoying yourself and not progressing).  Again, “Desire” is a tool to be used but only used for worthy things.  (hopefully Chapter 1 teaches you what you consider to be worthy – ie non-material and things are truly lasting.  No food, not clothing, not a TV set…something more valuable for you).  Later in the Tao Teh Ching, it refers to the fact that the wise person after achieving its goal, he “retires”, meaning gives away and stop working in seeking the goal, in other words stops using “Desire”.  I hope I have explained how Desire is a tool.

The Tao Teh Ching later on goes by clarifying that the only Desire you are suppose to have is the “Desire to Discover the Tao”.  So this may sound to some people contradictory (and many subjects in the Tao Teh Ching and Tai Chi as well are contradictions.  Here is where you learn that contradictions are also powerful tools.  This is for future discussion).  So, again, Desire must be used for valid purpose.  Using your Desire to accomplished things that have limited value will waste energy and time.

If we are desirous, will we end up learning mere traces of  Tai Chi and not the real Tai Chi?” You now know that you need Desire for anything worthwhile and difficult.  Tai Chi is worthwhile and is difficult so you need desire.  And if you have the right teachings you will learn the real Tai Chi.  That is why is important to have the proper transmission from an authoritative source.  I am most gratefull for the rest of my life to the teaching of my master teacher Professor Hu Yuen Chou.  But I also had the tremendous desire and I worked very hard and spent a lot of time and sacrifice to study and seek.  I certainly used a lot of Desire to pursue real Tai Chi.

How does one know if what you have learned is just “traces” or if it’s real?Tai Chi teaches to accomplish things with least effort following the Natural Law.  Assuming you have no modern facilities, no cars, no motors, how to use 4 ounces to deflect a force of 1,000 pounds?  When you do push hands you are trying each time to do the same with less effort.  Then you learn you can accomplish the same without any effort.  How to deflect 1,000 pounds without effort? not even 4 ounces?

If you are accomplishing that and getting better you are moving in the real direction.

What are traces.  Hopefully by now you can tell of a incorrect Tai Chi motion performed by many common practitioners.  Perhaps you can look at the physical movement of other people and tell they are using unnecessary force to do things and thus get injured.  If you have practiced Tai Chi with the right person and continue training and studying and asking and searching, you will arrive at the true destination, and the Tao Teh Ching serves as the guide.  (Read it once, keep reading, and 5 years later bring it out to compare again to see if you are still following its guidelines).  The same with Tai Chi every day make a Tai Chi movement and make sure you remind yourself to keep the ligaments stretched and how to use least force to get moving.

The exercise I demonstrate in class of how to move an object like a chair from one place to the other with least work and effort.  Hopefully you can also in your daily routine automatically unconsciously do effortless things and the realized later you did it differently and easier than before.  You can begin seeing that you are thinking and doing things other ordinary people have more difficulty doing or using more force doing.

Best way is to teach a new student who has never done Tai Chi.  See how ackward the movements are.  How undeveloped their muscles are and how undeveloped their knowledge is.  Also discussing Tai Chi with other apparent Tai Chi people including so called masters and experts.  Especially the charlatan ones.  You then begin to see thru the fault of others how your wisdom and true knowledge is developing.

The ultimate test will be to ask if the action follows the Natural Laws of the Universe.  This only means nature is your best teacher.

Today we have a lot of clutter and things that creates smokescreen in front of us and clouds the vision of what is real and what is not.  It becomes more important to pursue true knowledge.

Tai Chi Chuan, the exercise of Tai Chi, trains the physical body and develops the muscles of the mind to be able to receive deeper knowledge.  It is up to each individual to put it to practice.  Desire becomes a tool to not let go and continue your pursue, develop martial skills, body strength, mental discipline and give you the foundation to receive the knowledge.

I want to close by saying, the knowledge comes to you naturally but you have to have the body and mind prepare to have it flow into you.

To prove my point above using myself as the laboratory.  Many people rely on cosmic and obscure tools and fortune tellers that on their own needs profit and fool people that enjoy the “traces“.  Many of my students and family knows I have been making simple predictions over the past 8 years which now has manifested as facts now including the collapse of real estate and the stock market.  (Never did I knew how major it was going to be).  Now I will tell you on record that in the next few years from 2010 there will be major food shortages and pestilence and the rate of earthquakes will increase until the major war completes.  People will turn against people, government will turn again people.  After this period completes with the major war, peace will return for 50 years but before major disaster complete.

This is the Natural Law of the Universe reacting to the major consumption of yin resources oil and gas and material of the past 50 years and that now will lead to a reaction in yang energies in order to achieve balance.

Thru this period, practicing Tai Chi and meditating on the words of the Tao Teh Ching will bear you fruits and even prepare for it and for some others even benefit from transforming negative yang energy into positive yin energy.

Tao Teh Ching – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 prepares you for the seek for wisdom and true knowledge rather than just ordinary knowledge.

I am using quotations from Lao-Tzu: “My words are very easy to understand” by Man-jan Cheng.

The Tao Teh Ching or Dao De Jing (simplified Chinese: 道德经; traditional Chinese: 道德經; pinyin: Dàodéjīng) is easy to understand but not to decipher.  Below are transmission I received from my Master.

Chapter 1: “The Tao that can be said (described)  is not the everlasting Tao.  A name that can be named is not the everlasting Name.

The word Tao (Dao or 道) means path or road.  It also implies a destination like Nirvana or a state of enlightenment.

This Chapter 1 phrase above says, that there is a true tao but it may not be the one most people are talking about and telling you. Neither is the one where a name is given.  Beware of the ordinary Tao that others say they know and you decide to follow and learn from them.  (Beware of ordinary knowledge).

This beginning statement is very important because if you start with the wrong knowledge it will take years or decades or a lifetime to undo your thinking.  If you have the wrong knowledge, is like getting into the wrong path or road, you will likely end up in the wrong place.  Start by seeking the right knowledge and the knowledge that can lead you to the right path (Tao).

Also, anything you say can be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Another way of summarizing the above is: “Beware of inferior and ordinary knowledge”, “You cannot describe the real Dao”. (ie you have to experience it, you have to internalize it.  When you have it you will know).

“That which has no name is the origin of heaven and earth”.

Here the author is using the words no-name to mean the true Tao (which you cannot describe and give a name).  So you read it as “That which is the Real Dao is the origin of heaven and earth.  (This implies ENERGY).

That which has a name is the Mother of all things”. So this is understood as the things that can be described and given a name and you can see (MATTER), is the origin of things.

The following is a cryptic paragraph which if you understand how it is arrived you can encrypt much of the book (provided you have been trained in an internal martial art like Taiji – Tai Chi).

Thus, if always without desire, one can observe indescribable marvels; (take not of the words INDESCRIBABLE MARVELS for later reference).

“If always desirous, one sees merest traces.”

Indescribable Marvels = cannot be described = cannot be said = Tao (ie. you can see the Dao and its manifestation, if you are always without desires).  But if you always have desires you only see the surface not the real thing.  (without desires and training you can see beyond what is in front of you, the real thing).

“Those two come from the same source but are differently named.” (“ENERGY and MATTER” come from the same origin but are name differently and have different functions but come from the same place – Taiji which comes from the state of Nothingness).

“Both are called Mysterious”.

“The mystery of the Mysterious is the gateway to all indescribable marvels.

The interpretation is that BOTH (what the “No name” and the “name” that leads to Tao and Traces are called MYSTERIOUS).  The word MYSTERIOUS is not used in the context of saying what it is but a name by itself.  It is not trying to say that both are mysterious but is saying that Both are called by MYSTERIOUS.  So next time you see MYSTERIOUS you replace it for BOTH. To be used in the next sentence.

“The mystery of the Mysterious is the gateway to all describable marvels”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it Chapter 1 has given you the secret to what is needed to find the Dao.

The mystery of the Mysterious.  ie the mystery and riddle of the Mysterious (who is the Mysterious?).

This is the sentence structure:

…the <X> is the gateway to <Y>.

INDESCRIBABLE MARVELS from above we said was Dao (Y) and the mystery of <X> is…?

The mystery (the secret) to <Dao> is…?


By understanding what is said in the above Chapter 1, the seeker is told that the secret to obtaining wisdom and superior knowledge (true knowledge and not ordinary knowledge) begins in understanding that the Mind must be developed, nurture, prepared and protected above all!

What is Taiji (Tai Chi), Really?

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This post starts a series of Taiji reports which I hope will become the basis of the Taiji chronicles to be published in the Taiji Page.

Taiji as known by most people who are outsiders to the true knowledge of Taiji, Taiji is a slow moving exercise.  Most people these days, if you asked they will say the have seen people “DOING” taiji in the park.  Mostly by older people.

Taiji is the way to understand about the universe and how you fit naturally into it.  The purpose is to be able to survive and strive in the real world.

Taiji is deep but is extremely practical.  When mastered, you can achieve physical and mental task effortless.

That is why the Tao Te Ching (Dao Deh Ching) says with inaction you can achieve better results.

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